Rosemary is a medicinal and cultivated plant. It is commonly used as a seasoning in food industry. It is also used for making brews and macerations. We can add rosemary extract to our bath. Rosemary oil will also come in useful during body massage.

Rosemary is used to prepare oils for hair and scalp care. They regulate the work of sebaceous glands, prevent oily hair, reduce dandruff and bacterial conditions of the scalp. Rosemary oil offers antimycotic and antibacterial properties. It strengthens hair bulbs, which makes hair grow beautiful and healthy. What's more, it stimulates hair growth as well as limits hair loss. It restores split ends, prevents overdrying as well as chemical and mechanical damage. After the treatment, hair is smooth, shiny and easier to style. Additionaly, it gives volume.

We must be careful while using rosemary oil. It is connected with great activity of its ingredients. That's why, a few drops of the oil are enough for the hair and scalp care. For hair oiling we use only two drops of rosemary oil mixed with some other neutral base oil. We apply such mixture to hair or scalp and then rinse thoroughly. The treatment can be performed when our hair are weak from often colouring, blow-drying or other hairstyling treatments.

We must pay attention to a few crucial things when we buy a rosemary oil. Especially if it's an essential oil. This type of products are rather pricy therefore we must watch out for cheaper substitutes. Among the ingredients of the substitutes we may find i.e. alcohol and plant oils which have been used to thin the basic oil, namely rosemary oil. That's why, original and 100% natural oil doesn't possess artificial ingredients and should be extracted in proper conditions. Alos, it must be stored in a proper way. Rosemary oil should be kept in its original and closed package, far from light and dampness.

What other properties doeas the rosemary oil have? It is used in the treatment of circulatory, nervous and immunological systems. It improves memory, heals apathy and enhances skin condition. Moreover, it makes skin firm and elastic. It helps to fight cellulite and stretch marks as well as supports treatment of skin inflammation, lightens discolouration and alleviates acne.

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