Avocado oil + rosemary oil, that is a perfect duo for hair

Rosemary oil has a very good effect on hair by boosting growth, holding back hair loss and conditioning the scalp. Used solo, it may cause irritations so it would be ideal if you could find a good match for your rosemary oil. High in vitamins, minerals and valuable fatty acids: Nanoil Avocado Oil is cut out for this purpose. What will you gain from mixing them?

The combination of properties of various ingredients is a recipe for effective care. The combination we suggest today – rosemary oil and avocado oil – is based on this idea.

rosemary oilROSEMARY OIL is a typical essential oil which isn’t obtained through pressing; it’s produced during the process of distillation of a plant’s green part. That’s why it has fewer nutrients and is more irritative for skin.

Rosemary oil:

  • stimulates hair follicles to work and makes hair grow faster
  • has a soothing effect when you try to fight dandruff or itchy scalp
  • strengthens hair, preventing tresses from falling out

avocado oil nanoilAVOCADO OIL, on the other hand, is a treasure trove of vitamins, known as a seven-vitamin oil. It contains lots of minerals, phytosterols and fatty acids too. Obviously, on condition that it’s cold-pressed, unrefined and comes from reliable sources.

Avocado oil:

  • revitalizes follicles and hair throughout its length
  • delivers ingredients essential for growth
  • maintains sufficient level of moisture
  • ensures sun and heat protection
  • makes hair soft, shiny and smooth

A brilliant avocado oil to use solo or mix with essential oils is Nanoil Avocado Oil available for purchase at nanoil.us.

Nanoil Avocado Oil: the best to use solo or in blends
Not all avocado oils are same high in nutrients. It depends on the way the oil is extracted, whether it’s cold-pressed, undergoes the refining process and if it has any additives.

The Nanoil line offers the best avocado oil because:

  • it’s cold-pressed and unrefined.
  • its composition is free from parabens and artificial additives.
  • it contains 100% of certified avocado flesh oil.

Nanoil Avocado Oil is fluid, has a very delicate color and has hardly any smell. As a result, using it is a sheer pleasure, it doesn’t clog skin pores, weigh down hair or cause oiliness. Nanoil is absorbed in a few seconds and works from within.

avocado oil for hair

What’s important, when buying one 50-ml Nanoil Avocado Oil bottle, you receive beauty treatment lasting for a few months and for use on hair, body and face.

How to mix avocado oil with rosemary oil?
It’s a piece of cake! Measure out the necessary amount of Nanoil Avocado Oil for your hair and mix it with a few drops of rosemary oil. You can rub the blend into scalp or hair. You may as well use avocado oil as base for a hair mask with rosemary oil and other ingredients e.g. protein-rich egg.

The ideas for using Nanoil Avocado Oil seem to be endless. You don’t need to limit yourself to mixing it with just one essential oil.