Not only essential oils. How to take care of hair?

Can you use essential oils to nurture your hair? It turns out that it is possible and brings pretty good effects. However, if you are not a fan of intense aromas, you should try out other products. They will also take care of your hair and scalp.  Rosemary oil is an essential oil. It means […]

DIY rosemary oil for hair loss.

Problem of hair loss bothers lots of women. They face excessive hair loss due to poor hair care or deficiency of vitamins and micronutrients in their diet. Among the causes of hair loss we may also list the following: serious illnesses, taking some medicine, improper work of hormones, stress, air pollution, often hair colouring and […]

Rosemary oil and its precious properties.

Rosemary oil is a natural substance applied in many areas of life. It’s mainly used for skin and hair care as well as in the treatment of many illnesses. The product is also used for massage, aromatherapy, baths and inhalation. What are the properties of rosemary oil? What are the uses of rosemary oil? The […]